You’ve filled out an ESA CAM interest form. What can you expect next? There are typically three steps to complete before incentive reservation. Your project’s case manager will guide you through the process.

1. Qualification

After reviewing your interest form, the ESA CAM intake team reviews your deed restriction and will request additional documentation if necessary. The team will review any site documentation you are able to provide, including prior energy audits, capital needs assessments, or property needs assessments. This review helps guide the pre-qualification kick-off call, which is designed to identify common area opportunities on site and is the last step of the qualification phase.

2. Property Assessment

The ESA CAM technical team coordinates with property management to visit the property and conduct a property audit. This visit allows the technical team to meet the management team and document the existing conditions to determine which common areas and central systems may be eligible for energy upgrades.

3. Energy Report

After the property visit, the technical team generates a report of recommended measure upgrades based on existing conditions and energy savings opportunities. The report includes estimated cost and best practices for each measure. The technical team remains in contact with property owners throughout the report process.