When it comes to energy efficiency, lighting may be the
first upgrade opportunity that comes to mind. However, ESA CAM’s eligible
measures list
goes deeper than lighting upgrades.

During ESA CAM energy audits, participants are often
surprised to learn that their properties are eligible for central hot water
system upgrades. Ruchi Shah, the senior sustainability manager for the
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC), is working with ESA CAM
on upgrades to Maria Manor, a historic building that serves low-income
residents and disabled seniors. She described the potential boiler upgrade through
ESA CAM at Maria Manor as the most significant change to the property.

“[At] many of our sites, given the age of the buildings,
the boilers are coming to the end of [their] useful life and it’s a big
investment,” Shah said. Shah added that ESA CAM participation enabled the TNDC
team to provide more improvements to their properties than their budget
previously allowed.

Like many participants, Shah was considering property upgrades at TNDC’s affordable multifamily buildings when she learned about ESA CAM.

“We knew the property was in need of upgrades. We were
thinking about it, but we didn’t have funds to cover all of the sites,” Shah
said. “This program is a great way to layer with our existing budget and think
about whole-building improvements across our portfolio.”

As ESA CAM covered costs associated with common areas and
central systems upgrades, TNDC is able to direct their remaining budget to
other necessary property improvements benefitting residents, such as new
furniture and paint in the community spaces.

Contact ESA
CAM staff
to find out how your property can leverage ESA CAM funds to make
energy upgrades. ESA CAM provides free technical assistance to help properties
identify upgrade opportunities and expand scopes of work.