Energy Saving Assistance Common Area Measures (ESA CAM) provides funding for common area and central system upgrades, while ESA In-Unit focuses on upgrades within residential units. Once you enroll in ESA CAM, you are also referred to ESA In-unit so that your building can maximize its energy and cost savings by participating in both programs. ESA In-Unit measure offerings include refrigerator, furnace, or water heater replacements and/or repairs, LED lights, smart power strips, faucet aerators, and weather stripping.  

When a property applies for ESA CAM, the program team will evaluate the property for both ESA CAM and ESA In-Unit. Once qualified, ESA In-Unit authorized contractors will reach out to property owners and residents directly to offer their In-Unit services. Next, they will assess and identify eligible upgrades to develop a comprehensive scope of work. Once the scope of work is approved, the contractor will install the approved equipment. If needed, the contractor can perform a post-installation inspection. 

When possible, ESA CAM and ESA In-Unit program teams will work together to coordinate installation and help property owners identify, understand, and execute their no-cost energy efficiency upgrade opportunities. Property owners can also decide to use ESA In-Unit contractors to complete ESA CAM upgrades to create installation efficiencies.  

In addition to leveraging the ESA in-unit program, PGE’s Single Point of Contact service (or SPOC, for short) can also prove to be a fantastic resource for supporting in-unit upgrades or renovations. The SPOC team can point you to a variety of available rebate and incentive programs, and find you discounts on utility bills. They can also help find programs that can adjust your energy usage during peak hours and connect you with water and air quality management districts that can provide incentives as well as some free equipment.  

For more information on how to qualify for no-cost in-unit upgrades and for education resources to share with your residents and property managers, see here.  

For more information concerning: 

ESA In Unit Bay Area Inquiries: 888-216-8463 
ESA In Unit Non-Bay Area Inquiries: 800-989-9744 
General program layering and financing information, visit

Screenshot of SPOC resident flyer showcasing resources for residents such as home upgrades, discounts on energy bills, cut down on water costs, and improving air quality.