To celebrate a major ESA CAM milestone of completing energy efficiency retrofits (i.e., treatments) that service residents in more than 500 multifamily buildings, we would like to share a recap of the program’s progress to-date as well as some non-energy related benefits of completing these treatments. Energy efficiency retrofits benefit everyone from tenants and property owners to developers and contractors, and even the community at large. These projects help to reduce energy bills, lower property improvement costs, enhance the tenant’s quality of life, and reduce harmful pollution in our communities.

Because of these benefits, ESA CAM is proud to serve the low-income multifamily housing community throughout PG&E’s territory, and we look forward to continuing to work with our program partners to pass on these benefits to more low-income families and property owners in need.

ESA CAM Building Treatment Progress To-Date

Buildings Treated 527
Properties Treated 64
Units Treated 5,224
Total Incentives Provided to Date $4,736,307
Types of Low-Income Properties Served Senior Housing, Family, Special Needs, Formerly Homeless, At-Risk

Estimated Energy Savings for Completed Projects

Annual kWh Savings 3,335,241
Annual Therm Savings 28,873
Lifecycle kWh Savings 21,221,985
Lifecycle Therm Savings 971,145

Average Bill Savings for Completed Projects

Average 1st Year Bill Savings for Treated Projects Per Treated Building(s) On Site $9,710.92
Average Lifecycle Bill Savings for Treated Projects Per Treated Building(s) On Site $49,958.92

Installed Measures

Measure Category Quantity Installed
Appliances 13
Domestic Hot Water 189
Envelope 8,165
Lighting 8,496
Miscellaneous 25

Energy efficiency upgrades not only reduce customer utility bills, but also help to support a more resilient electricity grid that will assist communities during times of high peak demand or emergencies. By replacing inefficient equipment or systems, customers play an important part in improving the functionality of the grid. But energy efficiency doesn’t stop with kW, kWh & therms savings. Some of our favorite non-energy related benefits include:

  • Reduced Energy Insecurity – Low-income families are at greater risk of energy insecurity because of a high-energy burden (i.e., a high percentage of household income goes directly to energy bills). In some cases, families are forced to choose between paying their energy bill or putting food on the table. At properties where residents pay their own energy bills, ESA CAM upgrades can have a significant impact on reducing energy costs and relieving some of this energy burden and insecurity.
  • Carbon Dioxide (C02) Reduction – Excessive energy use results in higher CO2 emissions, which is harmful to our climate and health. Installing more energy efficient equipment directly improves air quality and helps to mitigate climate change challenges such as wildfires and extreme weather events.
  • Lower Maintenance and Operation Costs – Thanks to advances in building materials and appliance technology, property owners will see fewer maintenance needs and longer equipment lifespans with new energy efficient equipment, resulting in ongoing cost savings.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – Updating measures such as central air conditioning units or building windows directly improves indoor air quality for residents. Old filters and outdated systems create poor indoor air quality, which can result in respiratory and cardiovascular health issues.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security New outdoor LED lighting provides residents with more security at night and better curb appeal for the property. Replacing outdated lights with LEDs can also help reduce light pollution.
  • Improved Comfort and Quality of Life Updating the water heater, HVAC systems, and lights leads to reliable hot water, improved ventilation and temperature control, reduced noise, and mood enhancing lighting – all of which improves resident comfort.
  • Investment in Other Capital Projects ESA CAM covers up to 100% of upgrade costs, allowing property owners to focus on other important capital improvements.

Energy efficiency retrofits not only reduce energy bills, but they can also improve the quality of life for residents and communities. Thank you to all our ESA CAM program participants and stakeholders. We look forward to treating the next 500 buildings!

ESA CAM PG&E California Building Territory Map

This map represents all buildings treated by PG&E ESA CAM to-date. The number on each pin represents the number of buildings treated at that site.