ESA CAM has announced a phased payment policy amendment to help properties that are experiencing permit inspection delays. The program requires closed permits for all applicable measures to process incentive payments, but COVID-19 has contributed to delayed permit inspections in some local jurisdictions.

If your project’s phased payment request is approved, you will receive incentives for all approved measures that are 100 percent complete and have closed permits, if applicable. ESA CAM will hold remaining payments for measures awaiting final permit inspection. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What makes a project eligible for a phased payment?

  1. The permit inspection is scheduled at least four or more weeks away from the date phased payment is being requested or the jurisdiction is unresponsive and project team cannot secure an inspection date. Copies of emails or other correspondence with the permitting jurisdiction may be requested for confirmation.
  2. Minimum phased payment total must be at least $10,000 and confirmed via the Project Approval Letter. The phased payment total is the incentive amount for measures with closed permits.

How do I submit a phased payment request?

  1. Submit a request via email to your ESA CAM case manager with the subject “Permit Delay Phased Payment Request,” including the following:
    • Copy of the Project Approval Letter.
    • Permitting jurisdiction (e.g., City of Oakland, County of Shasta, etc.).
    • Name of the permit that needs to be closed (e.g., mechanical) and what ESA CAM measure it applies to (e.g., central HVAC).
    • Proof of permit application and payment (i.e., receipt)
    • Scheduled inspection date or estimated date when closed permit will be provided.
  2. Case managers will review requests based on eligibility requirements.
  3. If approved, projects are eligible to receive payment for completed measures with closed permits.